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The Swixjet Lifestyle Club is designed to complement our charter flights by providing exclusive lifestyle and luxury travel services.

Exclusive services With highest quality

Swixjet Lifestyle Club members benefit from four main categories of exclusive services. These solutions have been specially developed to save our customers valuable time while giving them access to multiple top quality services when travelling with Swixjet Aviation.

  • Travel & Accomodation

    Including: Bespoke travel services, private jet & yachting, access to finest properties, local guide

  • Health, Sport & Wellness

    Including: The best health and beauty centers, wellness & spa, sporting clubs

  • Events & Nightlife

    Including: Private events, priority booking to renowned restaurants, nightlife & private clubs

  • Exclusive Experiences

    Giving you access to some of the most extraordinary and exclusive experiences of a lifetime



Our travel experts can offer you a wide range of services, from complete packages with optional extras, to fully bespoke holidays where every element is unique and tailored to your needs.


Swixjet Lifestyle Club. Expect the best, Experience the unique !
How membership to Swixjet Lifestyle Club and its Exclusive Services works

Individuals and corporates

The Swixjet Lifestyle Club initiated by Swixjet is designed to complement our charter flights by providing exclusive lifestyle and luxury travel services. We grant you unparalleled access to a vast network of finest villas, private clubs, special events, gourmet restaurants and private places. Our lifestyle managers and specialists are dedicated to fulfilling your every desire with bespoke and seamless service in order to make everything possible.

Anywhere, anytime

Every member of Swixjet Lifestyle Club will receive a one-to-one personal contact, known as a lifestyle manager, who will familiarise themselves with member’s tastes and aspirations. Rare in our digital world, this personal touch ensures every request is understood and executed seamlessly and effectively in all aspects of life.

Saving you precious time

With the aim of saving our clients' valuable time, we provide high quality, high performance services that set the standard in the industry. Beyond the day-to-day tasks, our managers will advise you on everything from real estate to yacht bookings, from gourmet restaurant reservations to organising your private evening in a mountain chalet.

Having access

Providing access to the normally inaccessible is one of our greatest strengths: from private events at Versailles to exclusive invitations such as the Lamborghini Club, closed doors open if you know where to ring...

Personalised experience

The availability, skills and kindness of your dedicated account manager provide a tailor-made experience unlike any other. As well as responding promptly to all your requests, your manager is proactive, anticipating your requests and making suggestions to ensure that your time is always preserved.

Premium Services

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our bespoke services make life easier for our members by doing what they want to do or don't have time to do. From everyday requests to the most unusual, our Personal/Virtual Assistants can organise family holidays, business trips, request a chef to come to your home or book tickets for a sold-out match, to name but a few.

Featured Exclusive Travel Packages

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Why flying with Swixjet?

Why choose Swixjet Aviation for your business or leisure trip? At Swixjet we are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our customers. You can be assured that we will make your experience on board as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Below you will find the main benefits and added value of Swixjet Aviation’s charter and travel arrangements services.


At Swixjet we are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our customers. You can be assured that we will make your experience on board as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Security, support and discretion

Your Swixjet contact will take care of everything to guarantee you the safety and support you need throughout your flight. We work with total respect for the private and professional lives of our clients, in all circumstances. This is one of the basic principles of our code of ethics.

Private boarding terminals and lounges

With Swixjet you can travel calmly, stress-free and safely, avoiding queues and unnecessary delays. You can board your business jet at your leisure right up to the last minute before take-off.

Dedicated Account Manager

Every Swixjet customer has a dedicated Account Manager whose primary responsibility is to do everything possible to ensure that the customer’s flight is a perfect success, from departure to arrival and beyond. This includes everything from the choice of chauffeur-driven vehicle to the in-flight menu, last-minute flight changes or requests for special services.

Your Account Manager and his team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you at every stage of your journey.

Access to thousands of local airports

Another benefit of having a wide choice of aircraft is the ability to reach destinations not served by scheduled flights, such as a remote location or a community closer to your final destination.

Advantageous conditions

Thanks to our network of partners and operators around the world, we are able to offer you competitive prices for your private jet travel in Europe or elsewhere in the world. In addition, Swixjet Flight Card holders benefit from advantageous conditions on a wide range of services.

Aircraft fleet

Access to over 200 models of aircraft and helicopters in all categories, thanks to a network of several hundred operators around the world. This wide range means you can choose the aircraft model that best suits your regular or one-off requirements.


To plan and fly with ease your personal or professional flights.