Swixjet is a startup company in the area of aeronautics, located in Lausanne, Switzerland. Our activity includes several axes of development which objective is to provide value-added services and innovative solutions to aerospace professionals.

Swixjet Aviation

The brokerage of different type of aeronautical equipments and major sub-systems. This activity is organized around several complementary service centers.

The search and acquisition, or sale of aeronautical equipments (new or pre-owned), spare parts and major sub-systems.

Representation of aerospace manufacturers in Switzerland with the aim to facilitate their commercial presence locally, provide support and identify new opportunities for business development.

Search and assessment of financing solutions for acquisition of aeronautical equipment. Legal and tax advisory.

Swixjet Marketplace

A modern platform designed to enable the promotion of aeronautical equipments by professionals based in Switzerland, or abroad.

An interactive platform designed specifically for the promotion of aeronautical equipments, powered by an advanced search engine and user backend tools.

If your company is an active entity in aeronautical sector in Switzerland, you can create your business page on Swixjet Marketplace and promote directly your brands and products. If your HQ is based abroad, you’re welcome to join Swixjet partnership program.

Listing management on behalf of aircraft manufacturers and spare-parts providers who are looking to promote their brands on Swixjet Marketplace.

Grow your professional network in Switzerland by promoting your brands & products on Swixjet Marketplace.

Swixjet News

An innovative online magazine covering the national and international news related to aerospace. The objective of this innitiative is to share knowledges and contribute to the spread of aeronautical and space culture in Switzerland.

All news, events and projects related to aerospace, at national and international level.

Multimedia and documentary reports, test of products & equipments, presentation of new concepts and innovations.

The coverage of major aerospace events, organization of thematic events, product launch events.

The promotion of aerospace culture & history with the aim to inspire and encourage the young generations by space exploration.

Development of fruitful partnerships with media and content providers sharing the same passion and vision of aerospace.