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The North Island ("Smoky Island") with its many volcanoes, healing hot springs and subtropical forests, and the slightly larger and more austere South Island ("Jade Island") with its snow-capped peaks quickly dubbed the "New Zealand Alps".

A faraway land that offers the perfect combination of endless vastness to quench your thirst for extraordinary adventure, a unique culture and wildly beautiful landscapes. The beautiful and dynamic maritime cities of Wellington and Auckland.

  • Fiordland National Park & Milford Sound;
  • Bay of Islands;
  • Queenstown;
  • Lake Taupo & Tongariro National Park;
  • Lake Matheson;
  • Lake Pukaki;
  • Mount Cook National Park;
  • Fox & Franz Josef Glaciers
  • Private Jets, Helicopters and Airliners
  • Finest Onboard Catering
  • Ground Transport and Yachts
  • Luxury Villa & House Rentals
  • Local Guide & 24/7 Assistance
  • Customized Global Services
  • The State's Capital
  • Time Zone
    UTC +12
  • Telephone Code
  • Total Area
    268 838 Km2
  • Population
    5 109 702 (2023 est.)
  • Main Languages
    English, Maori, Samoan
  • Currency
    New Zealand dollars (NZD)
  • GDP Per Capita
    USD 42900
  • Airports

    Temperate with sharp regional contrasts

    European 64.1%, Maori 16.5%, Chinese 4.9%, Indian 4.7%, Samoan 3.9%, Tongan 1.8%, Cook Islands Maori 1.7%, English 1.5%, Filipino 1.5%, New Zealander 1%, other 13.7% (2018 est.)

    An extended index and middle finger together expresses disdain and frustration.

    Pavlova — a meringue-like dessert with a crisp Cornstarch-based outer crust and a soft and moist core; whipped cream and fruits, such as kiwi or passion fruit, are used as garnishes

    High-income Pacific island economy; strong agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, and energy sectors; reliant on Chinese market for exports; sustained growth; low unemployment; high living standards; sharp growth post COVID-19 lockdown

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