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Are you looking for a reliable partner to assist you with buying, selling or financing your aircraft?  Swixjet Aviation provides bespoke brokerage services for private and professional customers.


The market value and so the selling price of an aircraft depends on several technical and financial factors. Each of these elements can significantly influence the final price.

At Swixjet Aviation you are guaranteed a precise evaluation of your aircraft. This important task is carried out by our experienced and skilled consultants who will provide you with a detailed valuation report and assist you with the selling operations.

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SWIXJET, Your Aviation Partner

Buy, sell, lease and loan your new or used aircraft with Swixjet Aviation

Aircraft Selling

The three steps process managed by Swixjet Aviation

Defining the objectives

The priority before conducting a sales operation is to define precisely the framework of the transaction and, by doing so, to understand the seller's expectations. This stage is the starting point for any sales operation. It takes into account the client's objectives as well as the existing regulatory requirements.

The Sales Form

Assessment & Promotion

Once the objectives are established, we can proceed to the collection and verification of the aircraft’s documents and determine the sale price. We then decide with the vendor what the marketing approach will be, based on the category of aircraft. Finally, a media kit will be made (photos, video, brochure, etc.) in order to promote and market the unit.

The Assessment Form

Follow-up, Sale & Closing

In this last step, we deliver the agreed promotional initiatives according to the marketing plan. The legitimacy of each offer received is checked and the list of potential buyers is forwarded to the seller. Once the letter of intent has been signed by the buyer, our legal counsel draws up the contract and ensures that the transaction is carried out in accordance with the terms of the agreement. A final report will complete the transaction.

Search & Selection

Do you plan to replace your business aircraft by a new one, less expensive in operational costs? Do you consider to equip your airline company with new airplanes in order to cover the current and future needs of your business and achieve its goals?

Swixjet Aviation will help you manage the whole acquisition project and define the selection criteria in terms of performance, operational costs and financing. Our individualized services will help you develop your aviation projects efficiently and achieve your business objectives.

Search and find your aircraft

SWIXJET, Your Aviation Partner

Buy, sell, lease and loan your new or used aircraft with Swixjet Aviation

Aircraft Acquisition

The three steps buying process managed by Swixjet Aviation


This first step consists of defining your list of search and selecting criteria including technical, operational, and financial details of your acquisition project. This information is used to draw up the specifications of the RFP file (Request For Proposal) that will be shared with the long/short list of manufacturers and potential suppliers.

The Acquisition Form

Selection & Verification

Based on the previously established criteria, we will conduct a selection and evaluation of potential aircrafts that could meet the requirements. The established short list will then undergo further in-depth review phases before starting the actual acquisition negotiations with the manufacturers.


Following the identification, evaluation and selection stages, we will draw up the acquisition report along with our recommendations, based on the information and documents received. Once the acquisition decision is made, our legal counsel will prepare a letter of intent to purchase and will ensure that the contractual terms agreed with all parties involved are respected.

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