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The Company

Looking for a reliable partner to help you buy or sell an airliner, an helicopter or a Business Jet? Swixjet Aviation is the company providing aircraft brokerage and dealership services to private and institutional clients from different countries, mostly based in Switzerland and in european countries.

Our Approach

In matter of aircraft valuation and brokerage, receiving a comprehensive information at the right time from the right partner could make all the difference in terms of money saving and investment. As we are well aware of this fact we follow a strict and proven selection process in order to help our clients find the optimal solution to their needs.

Selling Process

Sell your aircraft quickly and efficiently at the right price

  • Definition of Mission

    The mission needs to be defined and the motivations behind a sale needs to be understood in order to fulfil the selling process in the best conditions and in accordance to the expectations.

  • Valuation & Preparation

    Financial assessment and valuation of the aircraft, verification of documents, definition of marketing approach, making of pics and videos, the commercial brochure, etc.

  • Promotion & Sale

    Promotional and advertising campaign, presentation of equipments, negotiations with potential buyers, search or engineering financial solutions, reporting, closing.

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Acquisition Process

Find and acquire your aircraft at the best conditions

Swixjet Aviation, Swixjet, Aircraft Dealing, Aviation, Aerospace
  • Definition of Requirements

    This is about understanding your exact needs and it's also the starting point of our collaboration. Based on requirements of your project we made an RFP which is then transmitted to our partners and all reliable dealers.

  • Identification & Evaluation

    After having understood your needs, we continue with search & selection process in order to find the best available equipments and provide you with a short list of different solutions which can fulfill the criterias of your project.

  • Negotiation & Deal

    Clients receive all advices they may need in order to make the best choices for their project. Once you have selected your plane from the short list, we verify again that the equipment is clean for trade before our counsel prepare the documents for cosing the deal after negotiations.